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The day before my 22nd b-day, i met elice
we had a nice dinner, though the waiters were really poor.
She gave me a card, a card full of blessing and warming
Her words seem like a magic.
I was touched, I was truly and deeply touched.
She's my real friend, my heart to heart real friend.
We do miss each other,
We do remember each other,
and We do bless each other.

Tonight, i receive a card from USA
i can tell it is really a big big big surprise
i am touched again
i am touched again for my 2nd real friend,
for the one who are living far apart, but her blessing is so close to me
thanks alot, dear.
thanks for your work, the card.
thanks for your words, the blessing.
thanks for the girl, which you said looks like me.
I do miss you, anita.
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